• We apply rigorous hygiene measures in our establishment.

  • All people who enter the property are guests, staff, suppliers or visitors (guests) go through the same hygiene measures.

  • Shoe sanitation and Antibacterial gel

The luggage or packages that access the property are disinfected in an area that is intended for cleaning and disinfection, afterwards our staff takes the luggage to the corresponding rooms.

We cannot control the contact that guests, suppliers and staff have before arriving at CASA GEM, but we do have control once they enter the property.

Providing safe and hygienic accommodation has always been our promise.
We guarantee a safe, clean and disinfected space upon arrival.
  •  Ventilated rooms (30 minutes before the staff enters to clean)

  •  Staff wear special uniform ( gloves, face masks and mouth covers)

  •  100% biodegradable cleaning supplies ♻️  99% effective in removing virus such as COVID 19.

  •  24 hours between each reservation (We leave the room unoccupied for 24 hours before another guest arrives)

  •  Antibacterial Gel and soap (in each room and common area)

  •  Personalized breakfast (tables keep their healthy distance)


         Disinfect with disposable towels, the most frequently touched surfaces
         Cleaning and disinfection of trash cans
         Cleaning and disinfection of floors and surfaces
         Clean and disinfected toilets, free of water or moisture


          The entire bedding set including the pillow protectors is removed for cleaning
          Whites are washed at maximum temperature depending on the quality of the fabric
          Towels are disinfected,washed with chlorine and no softener is applied
          Mattress and furniture are disinfected with special equipment
          The room is not occupied for 24 hrs